Translational Research Unit (TRU)

The Translational Research Unit (TRU) at the Institute of Pathology, University of Bern is a research facility lproviding tissue-based services to internal and external researchers, collaborators in the department of clinical research (DKF), Insel hospital, and other university laboratories. Our research platform performs activities for Tissue Bank Bern (TBB) and for the Comparative Pathology Platform of the University of Bern (COMPATH).

The TRU is led by Professor Inti Zlobec. Her team comprises 10 members with background in histotechnology and histopathology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics.

From left to right: Micha Eichmann (Bioinformatics and Image Analysis), Dr. Irene Centeno (Molecular Biology), Dr. José A. Galván (Histopathology), Sandrine Ruppen (Histotechnology), Prof. Inti Zlobec (Translational Research), Patricia Ney (Histotechnology), Caroline Hammer (Experimental Research and LEAN Management), Liliane Schöni (Histotechnology), Stefan Reinhard (Computer Science and Image Analysis)