09.08.2017 Biomedical Transporters Conference

It was an exciting time at the Biomedical Transporters meeting at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne- many thanks to Professor Matthias Hediger for the invitation!
27.3.2017 Enjoy our JOVE video once more time!

27.3.2017 Trends in Tissue Microarraying from the pre- to the post-digital era

Join Prof. I. Zlobec at the 3DHistech Symposium at AACR, 2017 in Washington DC on April 3rd. Hear about the latest advances in ngTMA and experiences from the Institute of Pathology at the University of Bern. The topic of the talk focuses on trends in Tissue Microarraying from the pre- to the post-digital era and combination of ngTMA with image analysis as an optimal method for biomarker analysis.

27.3.2017 ngTMA on the move again!
This time at The University of Helsinki, where Prof. I. Zlobec speaks about accuracy and reproducibility of the ngTMA approach and the benefits of combining ngTMA with image Analysis.

1.3.2017 ngTMA gets a facelift

The Translational Research unit at the Institute of Pathology, University of Bern recently upgraded to faster scanning and the latest Case Center and TMA Grandmaster software! Now we can help you scan and construct your optimal TMAs even more quickly.

25.1.2017 Analysis of CDX1 and CDX2 on colorectal cancers

ngTMA on the rise! A massive analysis of CDX1 and CDX2 on colorectal cancers using a combined ngTMA + digital image analysis (DIA) approach. ngTMA leads to accurate coring and allows different types of intratumoral heterogeneity to be investigated. Combined with DIA, ngTMA is a unparalleled tool for prognostic biomarker Evaluation


13.1.2017 Medical Master student symposium

Our Medical Master student symposium was held on January 13th giving the opportunity to our new students to highlight their up-coming Projects.

02.06.2016 Hot off the press

New ngTMA statistics show a steady increase in the number of ngTMAs being constructed, from 13 projects in 2012, to 20, 25 and 23 constructions in 2013, 2014, and 2015 respectively. This brings the total to 370 ngTMA blocks and inclusion of an estimated 10’000 patients!

01.06.2016 Check out ngTMA in the April edition of The Pathologist

25.05.2016 ngTMA is hot in Lausanne
Inti Zlobec speaks about ngTMA and COMPATH (www.compath.ch) at the EPFL/ISREC.

01.05.2016 The Translational Research Unit (TRU) officially welcomes Mr. Joël Kupferschmid to the team
He brings an extensive experience in histopathology, tissue biobanking and will help TRU to propel our digital pathology platforms forward.

04.01.2016 ngTMA in European Hospital. See below for full interview with I. Zlobec

02.12.2015 How can digital pathology be applied to construct optimal tissue microarrays for biomarker research ?

Join Prof. I. Zlobec at the 2nd Digital Pathology Congress in London, where on December 3rd, she presents not only ngTMA but the advantages of combining an ngTMA approach to automated image analysis.

01.12.2015 ngTMA Statistics : more than 195’000 punches and 330 blocks … and counting

Since its inception in 2012, our ngTMA platform continues to make large strides. With over 71 different projects thus far, the Translational research Unit (TRU), home to ngTMA, has created over 330 ngTMA blocks, totaling over 195’000 punches for internal groups, collaborators and external companies or researchers. The true power of ngTMA will be underlined by biomarker projects coupling the advantages of this technique to image analysis. Thus with more objective quantitation of immunostains and ISH on appropriately powered patient cohorts an ngTMA/image analysis approach will be far-reaching in terms of (re-)investigating, validating and standardizing new (and already-established) biomarkers.

23.02.2015 Discover the role of next-generation tissue microarray (ngTMA) in biomarker research at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) meeting in Bosten, USA
Alessandro Lugli will be presenting the impact of ngTMA in optimizing our biomarker research. Don't miss it on Monday, March 23rd at 12.00 - 13.00 in the session Best of Digital Pathology Practices in Multi-Institutional Environment! Looking forward to seeing you there.

16.02.2015 Join us at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting in Philadelphia, PA, USA April 18th - 22th, 2015 to hear more about ngTMA!
On April 20th, 2015 Inti Zlobec is holding an up-to-date presentation on all things ngTMA. The talk is entitled "Getting the most out of tissue microarrays: the ngTMA approach for translational (and reverse-translational) research". Looking forward to seeing you there!

07.10.2014 ngTMA presented at the EUSTM, Vienna 2014
ngTMA made its first appearance at the 2nd annual European Society for Translational Medicine Congress in Vienna, September 22-25th, 2014. Thanks to all of you there for your interest and discussions!

24.07.2014 Welcome new TRU member!
Our Translational Research Unit warmly welcomes Dr. Irene Centeno to the team.

02.06.2014 Coming soon: ngTMA goes viral
Filming for the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) at our Translational Research Unit has just finished. We are looking forward to seeing the result in a few weeks. Have a look at our Gallery photos for a sneak-peek.

25.05.2014 Taking extra tissues punches for molecular analyses?
No need to worry about cross-contamination. We have just finished stringent tests using a sensitive assay to verify possible transfer across donor blocks. There is absolutely no evidence of contamination.

20.05.2014 ngTMA was recently represented by I. Zlobec at the EPFL/ISREC in Lausanne, Switzerland
Many kind thanks to Dr. Beermann and Dr. Hanahan for the warm welcome and enthusiasm!

17.02.2014 ngTMA reaches a milestone!
Our Translational Research Unit has finalized the construction of our 100th ngTMA. With many projects in the pipeline including arrays of breast cancers, colorectal cancers, glioblastomas an cell lines, we expect these numbers to grow rapidly in the near future.

01.02.2014 ngTMA at the European Society of Translational Medincine (EUSTM) Conference
PD Dr. I. Zlobec will be presenting an overview about the use of ngTMA in biomarker research at this year's EUSTM Conference in Vienna, Austria on September 22-25th, 2014. We hope to see you there!

13.01.2014 Happy New Year from ngTMA
The ngTMA team wishes you a Happy New Year! We are all looking forward to another successful year and to working with you in 2014.

21.12.2013 Final countdown
In 2013, ngTMA at the Translational Research Unit in Bern has created more than 100 tissue microarray blocks including ngTMAs from human tissue, mouse tissue and cell lines! Thanks to everyone who has helped make ngTMA a success this year.

27.11.2013 ngTMA receives trademak in the EU
ngTMA has officially received its EU trademark from the World Intellectual Property Organization under the registration no. 1 182 052.

23.10.2013 ngTMA in Finland
ngTMA and the Translational Research Unit were warmly welcomed to an enthusiastic and motivated audience at the Department of Pathology, University of Turku, Finland. Many thanks for having us!

01.10.2013 ngTMA trademark in Switzerland

We are pleased to announce that ngTMA has received its official trademark in Switzerland. For more details visit the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property / Eidgenössisches Institut für Geistiges Eigentum.

01.09.2013 The ngTMA Team is growing again

The ngTMA Team is delighted to welcome Ms. Marlène Aeschlimann, Administrative Assistant to our Translational Research Unit (TRU) and to ngTMA.

01.09.2013 ngTMA at the European Congress of Pathology

On September 1st, two of our team members will be holding talks on ngTMA at this year’s European Congress of Pathology Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. Alessandro Lugli speaks in the “Digital Microscopy- Digital Pathology Luncheon” which runs from 12:45-14:15. Inti Zlobec speaks in the session on “IT in Pathology” at 17:30. Looking forward to seeing you there!

15.08.2013 Arrival of the new TMA Grandmaster

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new and improved TMA Grandmaster

01.08.2013 New ngTMA Team Member

We are happy to welcome Dr. José Galvàn, Research Assistant, to the ngTMA team.

30.04.2013 ngTMA now on PubMed!

View paper

Find our first publication on ngTMA out now on PubMed. In this paper published in Journal of Translational Medicine, we show how ngTMA can increase the quality of biomarker studies. Using six different solid tumor types, we illustrate how ngTMA optimizes the study of histomorphological interfaces for subsequent immunohistochemical analysis using CD3+, CD8+, and CD45RO+ T-cells as an example.